Hanukah Selections:
*The Hanukah Song (in Yiddish
      & English)
*I Have a Little Dreydle
*Ma'oz Tzur
*Eight Days of Hanuka (to the tune
of Those Were the Days)
*Also: Geven a Tsayt (Those Were the Days)
*Dona Dona (Adaptation: "In
Dem Temple")
*The Latke Song
*I'm a Little Latke
*Light One Candle
Oiffen Pripichik
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Yiddish Songclips

I have an ever-growing number of great old, traditional Yiddish tunes.. I've loved the Yiddish language since I was exposed to as a young teen, learning is at the homes of friends during Jewish holidays. Subsequent exposure to the richness of the Jewish culture in the NYC area lent me the opportunity to share and hone this music with audiences of Jewish elders.. I'd particularly like to thank my friend and former associate, Lee Perry Gross, for getting me started with some of the age old favorite medleys.

Cirribim Medley
Sheyne Vida Levone
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Some Yiddishe Favorites:
Oiffen Pripichik
Grine Kuzinah
As Der Rebbe Tzingt
My Yiddishe Mama
Sheyne Vi de Levone, 
Abi Gezunt
Ich Hob Dich Tzu Fil Lieb
Bei Mir Bist Du Sheyne
Rozhinkes mit Mandlen
Mexican Rabbi (!)
Nem Mikh Mit Tsu der Ball Geym 
     (can you guess?)
Hava Nagilah (Hebrew)
Got Bentsh Amerike 
(God BlessAmerica) Ochi Chornyie (Russian) Tumbalalaika If I Were a Rich Man Sunrise Sunset Rumania, Rumania (is in the working stages)
Local current California  references re; my Yiddish material include:
Jim ODay, Terrace Coordinator;  Rhoda Goldman Plaza
Mediatrix Valerno, Director of Activities for Jewish Home, San Francisco 
Carol Goldman, Activities Coordinator; Esther and Jaques Reutlinger Community for Jewish Living
Shiva Shulz; Senior Activities; San Francisco Jewish Community Center
Rhonda Press, LCSW; Peninsula Jewish Community Center; Adult Department
For specific testimonials, click HERE
For five years previous to my California relocation in late 2002, I  played regularly for
many of NYC's finest Jewish Senior Programs, Facilities, and Retirement Homes. 
Here are just a few; 
*Jewish Home & Hospital 106th St., NYC; multiple monthly day programs, birthday concerts,
  senior proms and holiday events.
*JH&H, University Ave, Bronx: weekly day programs & special event concerts
*Hebrew Home on Palisades, Riverdale; concerts for active residents and weekly day
  program on floors for Alzheimers patients
*Atarrot Avot; Jewish retirement home, Brooklyn; concerts
*Riverdale Terrace; Jewish retirement home, Riverdale, Bronx, NY; concerts
*Schnurmacher Beth; White Plains, NY; multilple floors; Musical Room Visits/Strolling 
  Minstrel program; Developing therapuetic musical interaction for the roombound
*Parker Institute. Long Island Jewish Hospital; Every Sat. 3-floor therapuetic Strolling Minstrel
 Musical Room Visits
*Beth Abraham Hospital, Bronx, NY; frequent auditiorium concerts re; birthday parties and 
*Young Israel, Brooklyn; Adult Day Center
Gurwin N.H., Commack, L.I., Nathan Nagler Res., Brooklyn, Beth Abraham, Valhalla, NY, and 
many more, all under the auspices of Lee Perry Gross Music (see References link on Home Page).
For additional fabulous repertoire from 
20s, 30s, & 40s, click "Songlist"
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With dear friends at a prominent
San Francisco Jewish retirement home,
enjoying cameraderie at my monthly 
Yiddish and Oldies concert!
Rest in Peace, Lillian Kutner. We loved you.